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There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around. If you have great books that you can recommend please do. We would love to consider them for our library.   

Books for Parents and Caregivers

Stars In Her Eyes: Navigating the Maze of Childhood Autism


Stars In Her Eyes is a great resource for parents, Educators, Professionals, and caregivers needing to know where to begin looking for autism support. 

Carly's Voice


Carly's Voice will inspire your perspective about limitations often perceived about disability.  

The Explosive Child


Explosive behavior is often a frustrating and overwhelming. Clear direction and strategies to help parents understand and navigate challenging behavior.

Sharing Love Abundantly in Special Needs Families


You are not alone. Raising children with special needs is often challenging. This book is about supporting your families needs while juggling life. 

Common Man, Extraordinary Call: Thriving as a Dad of a Child with Special Needs


Great book for Dads! A field manual for dads to manage the day to day of parenting a child with special needs. 

Tic Toc Autism Clock


Parents are the 24/7 care team. This is the tool box for managing support beyond the therapy session. 

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